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Ardavan Taheri was born in Mashhad (Iran) in 1975. In his early childhood he started playing the Setar taught by Masoud Shoari. After graduating high school he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran in 1995 where he studied music and the Setar. At the same time he had the opportunity to study Radif of the traditional Persian music (repertoire of Iranian classical music) under the tutelage of his masters Majid Kiani and Dariush Talaii. He also studied composition, harmony, counterpoint and history of music. In 2003 he moved to Vienna (Austria), where he continued his studies in ''Electro Acoustics Composition'' at the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts supervised by professor Dieter Kaufmann. Since October 2004 he is researching and writing his Doctorate thesis in music at the University of Music and Fine Arts, and at The Institute of Oriental-ism supervised by the professors Ursula Hemetek und Rüdiger Lohlkehr. The transcription of Habib Samaii's music, scores of the films ''Khodayegane Khak'' (Gods of soil) and ''Gozargah'' (The Crossing), performance of Setar, Daf and compositions in the album ''Rishe Dar Khak'' (The Root In The Soil), numerous concerts in Iran and Europe with the Ensemble “Irani” under the special direction of Pejman Taheri, are counted among his cultural – artistic efforts.